What\'s the best way to tell whether a material is real or fake?

                                      Gelatin product no matter how to defend and cover can cover thick compounds, and at the mention of chemicals so much with relevant environmental hazards, and not to live, both in plastic and rubber lid and silicone rubber products is different, but generally said to most friends or pure gelatin products in certain psychological prevention, so here is to elaborate the silicone products material to discern between true and false is the most practical method.


                                        Currently in dongguan silicone rubber products industry has a lot of articles for daily use, medical apparatus and electronic accessories products are silicone material, the silica gel with other different kinds of glue is combining different components, it is mainly including have a plenty of white carbon black, silicon resin, silicon oil and mixing vulcanizing agent and color glue the added material does not contain harmful compounds. In addition, the silica gel material is still pure in a certain number of fake substances. For example, in order to save costs, the manufacturer of silica gel products USES low-cost raw materials, and the raw material supplier adds catalyst to improve efficiency, etc., so the method of truly distinguishing true from false and quality is introduced as follows:

                                      1. Color:

                                      Silicone rubber products can be deployed various different colors according to the international pantone color number for deployment, so there is no difference from the color above plus the appearance of treatment more without any defects, but the main thing is to stretch to see if the rebound will appear white or transparent phenomenon, if there is that material may be ordinary material!


                                      2. Handle:

                                      Feel is very important. Silica gel products, whether stretching, springback, deformation and ductile strength are very important. If the above performance is achieved, it is basically a quality material.


                                      3. Open flame combustion:

                                      This method is the most successful, generally high quality silica gel material after combustion and other rubber products, open up the white smoke, the product surface after burning will appear white mist phenomenon, completely destroyed after the last white powder, completely colorless, tasteless, and different material will appear yellow at the end of the dark residue.



                                      So! When you can't tell whether the silicone products in your hands are genuine, you might as well try a few ways!

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