Knowledge of rubber sealing accessories

                                      Installation of rubber sealing fittings

                                      Rubber seal accessories are common seals, which are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems due to their comprehensive performance advantages. Rubber seal accessories are mainly used for static seal and reciprocating motion seal. In rotary motion, limited to low speed rotary sealing device. Therefore, the general rubber sealing ring is less used in rotary motion.

                                      The rubber sealing ring is usually installed inside the groove on the inner circle or outer circle, and the sealing effect is achieved through extrusion deformation.

                                      Due to different rubber materials, rubber sealing ring can be used in various media, so the sealing ring can still play a good role in oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance and other environments.

                                      Because of the comprehensive advantages of rubber sealing parts, rubber sealing parts are widely used. Rubber sealing fittings are widely used in various instruments and instruments such as automobile, aerospace equipment, ship, chemical machinery, engineering machinery, petroleum machinery, metallurgy machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, etc

                                      Keep the rubber seal accessories

                                      When storing seals, please note the following:

                                      Do not open the seal package when it is not necessary, otherwise the dust will stick to the seal or scratch the seal

                                      Air is stored in a cool place, do not put in direct sunlight, ultraviolet and water vapor will accelerate rubber and plastic deterioration and inch change

                                      When storing products as packages, be careful not to paste or pack impurities into them and store them in their original state. Nylon should be tightly packed to prevent moisture from causing dimensional changes

                                      Keep the seals away from heat sources, such as boilers, furnaces, etc. Heat will accelerate the aging of the seals

                                      Try not to place the seals near the TV or where ozone is produced

                                      Do not use needles, wire, or ropes to hang the seals. Otherwise, the seals will deform and damage the lip

                                      Sometimes, the sealing surface changes color or white powder (frost phenomenon) will not affect the performance of the sealing

                                      RAREFLON rings that are sealed together with dirt, such as drop or impact from the outside, are easy to scratch and should be handled with special care

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